The Tour

There are several ways to view the WorldWide Telescope tour that accompanies this website, “The Multiphase ISM.” For best results, download the tour using this link:

The Multiphase ISM

and view the tour with the WorldWide Telescope Windows Client, which can be downloaded from this page. (Unfortunately, there is not a Mac or Linux version of the stand-alone client at this time.)

Alternately, the file can be loaded into the WorldWide Telescope Silverlight Web Client, which is accessible here. (To play the “The Multiphase ISM” tour, first download the tour by clicking the link above and save it on your computer. Then open the web client, click on the “Explore” tab, then click Open –> Tour and select the downloaded file.) If you are running an HTML5-compliant browser (such as the latest version of Safari), the tour can also be viewed directly online here.

Note that when using these latter two methods, you may experience a slight delay in the tour audio and many of the images will not load fully. Some of the labels may also be improperly positioned. Additionally, hyperlinks throughout the tour currently only work in the Windows desktop client and Silverlight client options. We are aware of these issues and are currently working to resolve them.

Finally, the tour can also be viewed on youtube:

For the audio-impaired, the full text of the tour narration can be found on this page. Additionally, many of the images used in the tour can also be found on various pages of this website.


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